Review of The Joshua Project by Janis Hutchinson

Review Title: For All Generations to Remember (review of The Joshua Project by Janis Hutchinson)
Reviewer: Janice Garey
☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars

This book helped me understand the importance of leaving a record of specific points in my life where I have seen God act. It reminded me of Henry Blackaby’s message about Spiritual Markers to see the direction God is taking a person in life and receiving information for understanding one’s purpose in life. This book enlarges on that use of the information to draw in younger generations to desire to hear the stories of their ancestors related to God orchestrated events.

I liked that the author empasized the three ways God chose to keep His acts in circulation within communities of the faithful. He used written accounts as found in the Bible; spoken recitations of His word; and, celebratory observances. In addition, He also at times asked that memorials or monuments be set up. The book explains how the readers can do all that themselves to keep alive memories of God’s great feats within one’s own family.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how well the scriptures chosen to lead into the book chapters and stories aligned with the details of the subject . I could tell the author was both inspired and made great effort to beautifully present her work in an excellent manner.

I have not yet read all the stories used as examples of what one might choose to put into their own Joshua Project, but the ones I have read so far are totally engaging and believable even as they relate to supernatural actions of God to help in various ways in times of trouble.

In the back of the book helpful information is given regarding giving testimonies in various settings. In particular information about giving a formal three minute testimony in a church service could be helpful to some people.

I was given an e-copy of this book by the author for review purposes. After beginning the book I decided to buy a print copy because it has a wealth of information to share. I am under no obligation to give a favorable review. I have given my honest opinion in this review.