Movie Review: Redeeming Love

This movie, like the book, is a masterpiece, a classic in Christian fiction, portrayed on the screen. Francine Rivers wrote the book which the movie is based on, and I heard it on Audible a number of years ago. I liked it then and love it now.

Because it is filled with gritty content, and by necessity adult in nature, from a Christian perspective I would label it either PG-13 or R. Although not overtly graphic, scenes are suggestive of abuse of minors and could be terrifying for the immature viewer.

I watched the movie on my small phone screen and look forward to seeing it on a large screen, especially the scene where Angel reveals her real name. It is the point proving that she truly trusts in her husband’s love for her despite her background of being a prostitute since childhood.

The storyline follows Michael Hosea as he pursues the lady God has picked for him to wed. He never would have chosen Angel except for God’s prompting. The leading actors are perfect in their parts.

I received an advance screening copy of the movie for review. It is wonderful in how it shows that in Christ people are redeemed and made new for His good plans. A shining example of forgiceness that seemed impossible caused tears as I watched. Be sure to take along several facial tissues for dabbing tears.

I received the movie from #MonentumInfluenceNetwork at no cost in exchange for an honest review which I have given.



2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Redeeming Love

  1. My husband and I saw this movie yesterday—and I have spent the better part of my morning repenting for doing so. While the book, which I read 25-30 years ago presented an excellent message of redemption and forgiveness based on the book of Hosea, the movie was rife with, in my opinion, unnecessarily explicit sexual scenes. This is, in my opinion, an R rated movie. But how many Christians would allow themselves to view an R rated movie? (Perhaps, that is the rational behind a PG-13 rating)? Perhaps some themes just do not lend themselves to an on-screen depiction. As Francine Rivers had a major role in the production of this movie, my esteem for her Christian values has been greatly jeopardized.

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    • Thank you for sharing your valid opinion. I was surprised by the aspects you mentioned, but considering what is shown on television these days, or movie competition, I think for the appeal to go to non- Christian audiences to check out what the gospel message is all about, the portrayal has to speak to the world to which they are familiar. This book has never been solely directed to Christians. Personally I don’t view R-rated movies so hoped my review would warn those like you who have such concerns. Did you feel my review was inaccurate? I am curious because I have not done reviews of movies before and always want to be truthful in what I write. Thank you, again, for commenting.


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