Review of Gifts From Heaven by Susanne Funk

Review Title: Learning to Share God’s Love (review of Gifts From Heaven by Susanne Funk)

Reviewer: Janice Garey


This sweetly illustrated picturebook has a great storyline for the Christian market. An awkward giraffe grows up to be a teacher who shares love with her students. They learn to extend the love they have received from her to those around them.

The illustrations are perfect to keep the attention of younger preschoolers as a look and pretend to read book. The story is longer than three and four-year -old students would sit still for during circle time. Kindergarten and first grade students would probably enjoy this book best if read to them in three sittings unless they are advanced in listening and comprehending skills.

I found the use of serendipity to be a nice touch that shows one way people may experience a feeling that God is watching over them. At the same time, not everyone experiences God in that manner so some people might find that difficult to discuss with children.

Gifts From Heaven has great discussion questions on the illustrated pages. The book is formatted with script on one page and the illustration on the opposite page to create a two page spread which provides a pleasant and predictable read through.

I won a copy of this book from a reviewer’s blog. I am under no obligation to give a positive review. I hope to give my readers enough information to make buying decisions when searching out good books for their family.