Review of Refresh Your Prayers by Lori Hatcher

Review Title: Help For Weary Prayer Warriors (review of Refresh Your Prayers by Lori Hatcher)

Reviewer: Janice Garey

***** 5 Stars

This timely new devotional, published by the ever popular Our Daily Bread group, hits a bullseye for those of us who have been at a point of overwhelm for several years now. We’ve been called to battle in the spiritual realm over extremely gut-wrenching matters almost daily. It’s been one crisis after another. I know I am worn out and welcome what this book offers.

I am amazed at how the author, Lori Hatcher, draws from the well of experience in everyday matters to find spiritual aspects that nourish the soul. It’s as if the spiritual eyes of her heart are open a little bit wider than others and she wants to share the glorious view. Lori helps me see the ripe fruit available for enjoying in the multitude of learning experiences in our days. She is always careful to correctly use God’s Word in her writings. She gently weaves a story about distressing events such as meeting up with a childhood bully in a way that shows God’s help is available when our troubles are shared with others who care about us.

One devotion I found especially meaningful is titled, “Does God Speak To Me?” It gave needed insight into a topic I previously had decided to research. I felt delight in finding this devotion succintly answered my questions and gave guidance for future efforts to listen to God.

Although I have not yet read the book cover to cover, I have read enough to prompt me to order both the paperback version and the Kindle version. I need both; one I can share, and the other I can take with me wherever I go. It’s that good. I was given an Advance Reader’s Copy by the publisher for review purposes. I have given my honest review and was under no obligation to do otherwise. I want to help those looking for a good devotional book to know that this is an excellent choice.

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  1. Janice, thank you so much for sharing your kind and thorough review. You have blessed both me and your readers. May God draw you ever closer to His heart as you pursue Him in prayer.

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