Day 24 Blog Post Theme: #Entertainment

At times I plan to post reviews of books or movies I find to be helpful for those who wish to learn more about entertainment choices that develop a sense of the Christian worldview. These forms of entertainment typically will show a character with a purely physical and worldly view alongside the informed view of a Christian character. I find the contrast helpful in my attempts to grow in viewing the world as a bearer of God’s image who wants to bring Him glory. I posted the following review of Magdalene on Amazon and Goodreads.

Review Title: Unforgettable Treasure (review of Magdalene by Angela Hunt)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

This book is spectacular in its scope, historical accuracy, characterizations, emotional appeal, and unfolding of stories from the Bible in a way that draws people in to better understand Jesus and His followers. I do not have enough words of praise to say how good and effective this book is in its release of words from the author’s heart, mind, and hands into the eyes, minds, and hearts of the readers.

My husband and I listened to this book through Audible audiobooks and found the narrator to do a wonderful job with all the characters. It felt similar to seeing a play on stage. It was well worth the cost of the Audible version considering the cost of tickets for a play. Anyone who has interest in history of the lands of the Bible will want to read or listen to this book.

The author weaves many twists and turns into the imagined life of Mary Magdalene which fit with the historical reality of the woman rather than the false portrayal of her as a prostitute or the marriage partner of Jesus. This Mary (Miriam) lives with tangled emotions as one would expect from one who lost her family. She seeks revenge against those who murdered her family. Angela Hunt expertly weaves this story together like a Greek Tragedy with the sweet fragrance of Christ, along with His covering blood, overpowering the accumulated sins of the characters.

I thank the author, Angela Hunt, and for giving me this Audible audiobook in exchange for an honest review. This book delivers in a powerful, and unforgettable manner. Do not let this one get by unopened!