Review of The Forgiveness Project

Review Title: Consider Depth of Forgiveness (review of The Forgiveness Project by Michael S. Barry)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

This book is a must read for any who are dealing with cancer either personally or secondarily through a loved one’s diagnosis. In the past I heard snippets of this author’s message through others who spoke about the harmfulness of keeping negative emotions inside. This book shows it to be true as the author has worked with many patients who have proved it over and over although each in their own particular way. No situation or solution is ever the same. Cookie cutters don’t work in providing answers in the forgiveness arena.

Many people are under the false impression that they have forgiven those who hurt them in the past. In truth, they have never really gotten beneath the surface, away from outward appearances, and into the ragged and torn heart of the matter that needs total forgiveness. This book is way beyond its price in value, because it walks people through exercises that may help with taking steps to forgiveness. This would be similar to getting several sessions of counseling for the small cost of the book. The author has a caring heart that wants to share this important healing information with as many as possible.

Although a Christian, Michael Barry stresses that all religions address the subject of forgiveness in a positive way. The methods he suggests are for anyone to use. They are not specific to any particular religious beliefs or practices.

I really appreciated how the author showed examples of how people have wrong thinking about forgiveness and its benefit.

Typically, the offending person has moved on and is no longer concerned with the hurt left behind. The retained hurt in the damaged person is what breaks down the body and spirit with the heavy load. The hurt stays alive and often grows bigger as the hurt one fails to find a proper release of the rotten feelings. Those who do the suggested work in the book usually find at some point that the weight of their burden has disappeared. For each person the time and effort it takes differs. At that point, cancer no longer has a susceptible host.

This book is a positive force as you read and grow to understand the process and resultant healings. The author does not promise healing for everyone. Some people don’t let go and forgive soon enough and their cancer progresses and consumes their lives.

I am tremendously thankful to the author, publisher, and for giving me this book in exchange for reading it and posting my honest review. Please don’t let this one get away unread. Everyone going through life has hurts and needs to learn best ways to deal with them and to move to forgiveness and beyond to good health.