Review of Releasing Family Blessings

Review Title: Following God’s Path to Blessing (review of Releasing Family Blessings by Larry and Tiz Huch)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
*****5 Stars

This book presents ideas that most Christians are aware of based on reading God’s word. Reading and applying what has been read is where this book becomes a great companion to walk beside you on God’s path. People frequently take the most convenient route at the moment, but this book helps the reader to consider the consequences of not going the momentarily more difficult route with God to get to His blessings.

The eleven chapters are nicely laid out with portions written by each author labeled as, “He said:,” and, “She said:.” This format generates appeal to both men and women. All chapters end with, “Points to Ponder and Apply,” a concise review of the chapter. This helpful feature could be turned into a checklist for tracking progress on forming new habits to replace old counterproductive habits. Some chapters include relevant and fervent prayers.

The passages about keeping children on the right track are treasure filled with good advice that if followed should produce positive results. I think a lot of parents want to do the right thing in guidance of their children, but they have never seen it modeled. This book not only says what needs to be done, but it walks you through exactly how to do it.

Thank you, authors and publisher for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is great for couples before and after children. Use this book as a tool to enable you to more closely follow God’s path to greater blessings.