Review of the novella, Surrender to Love, by MaryAnn Diorio

Review Title: Let Go of Losses to Realize Gains ( review of Surrender to Love by MaryAnn Diorio)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

This story involves letting go of the hurt from past losses that weigh on people. It has the message that we can carry forward memories and loyalties to those who have passed on, but at the same time, we can find freedom in God to move forward and release the pain. The characters learn that they can trust God and His good plans. God can act as a springboard out of the pits of despair. He has good plans for His beloved children who put trust and faith in Him.

I liked the author’s approach to the seriousness of commitment to marriage. The main character does not want to let go of the love of her life who passed away. She denies herself any possibility of another romantic relationship. God has other plans though. The death of loved ones is dealt with from three different perspectives: a widow who lost her husband; a widower who lost his wife; and, a teenager who lost her mother at childbirth. Any people who have suffered similarly will benefit from reading this book, as will all people who are stuck in the pains of past loss.

The setting, a beautiful resort in Puerto Rico, plays an important role in the healing process. The main character is away from locations which would act as an adherent to past memories. I found this to be a good consideration for those who want to break free from past hurts. I had never thought much about this aspect. I have known a number of widows who continue life in homes shared with their deceased husband. I always thought that to be a sweet attachment to the past, but I can see from reading this that could hinder a person from going forward into God’s best plan for their life.

I thank, the author, and the publisher for giving me this ebook in exchange for reading it and posting an honest review. This novella, though short in length, is big on thoughts that will help people processing grief and managing relationships after a death in their family.