Review of Faithing It by Cora Jakes Coleman

Review Title: Seek God’s Best Through the Storms (review of Faithing It by Cora Jakes Coleman)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

This book will be a blessing to all who read it. The author has been through figurative storms in her life which forced spiritual growth. As she persevered with God through the pain, she found Him faithful to provide rewards on the other side of her hurts. She speaks from authority that when we do as God asks of us then He blesses with abundance. This is not presented as a transaction or deal made with God as if you do this then He will do that. Rather it is presented that when we allow Him to use our weakness and let His strength show through, mighty big things are released. When we stop thinking everything depends on us and instead rely on Him, His glory shines for all to see.

This book has nuggets of healing thoughts to share with loved ones. As an example, I have a friend facing major surgery. Today I read a passage of this book to her about when Noah was on the ark, and he focused on the thought of land being seen again. He did not go down into depression thinking he would always be on the ark with so many animals to take care of. Noah looked forward to the good future God would bring. The weight of my friend’s anxiety lifted when she began to focus more on the pleasant outcome.after the painful surgery.

The prayers at the end of each chapter are especially helpful and supercharged with power from the author’s relationship with the Holy Spirit. The book would be worthy of a read and keep based solely on the prayers that are right on target.

I thank, the author, and publisher for giving me this book to read and post an review. Hopefully, Christians will read this book and find it to be presented in the equally beneficial and beautiful writings of Cora Jakes Coleman. Read it to become wise in making the most of all the happenings in your life.