Review of Untamed by Jason Clark

Review Title: Encouragement to Trust God (review of Untamed by Jason Clark)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars
Thank you, Jason Clark, for writing a book that dares people to trust God in extreme ways. Stories of faith testing abound in this book whether in the financial realm or listening to promptings of God to take action on an unconventional way to offer prayer to a stranger.

This is not a book for those who are self reliant and trust only in what their five senses tell them about reality. If you are interested in discovering how God can play a bigger role in shaping your reality than what your physical senses encounter then read this book.

Humor resides in this book. The true stories of extreme trust as told by Jason Clark are serious but told in a good humored style. His writing gives a delightful encounter with God at work in the world.

This is a hopeful book that shows a deeper experience with God is available to those willing to fully trust in God. I thank the author, publisher, and for giving me this book in exchange for reading it and posting an honest review. I highly recommend it to Christians, both new and mature in the faith. Seekers who want to better understand the magnitude of encounters with God that they have heard about elsewhere need to read this book.