Devotional and So Much More (Review of My Mother’s Quilts by Ramona Richards)

Review Title: Devotional and So Much More (review of My Mother’s Quilts by Ramona Richards)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

The gifted author, Ramona Richards, pieces together a perfect pattern for her book. The gorgeous cover has embossing to show texture on a quilt along with a rocking chair to invite the reader into the pages. The history of the quilts and their patterns will fascinate those who enjoy historical facts along with the background of artistic creations. The lovely and sometimes painful family remembrances embrace the reader with a hug drawing one into the family circle. The collection of Bible verses and prayer starters enhance the spiritual growth of the reader when considered alongside the stories. And, the photos of the quilts add another colorful dimension not often found in devotional books. The end result is a harmonious synergy that allows the reader to have greater understanding of the bonds of family, friends, and a loving God that brings joy and comfort into life.

The author shows that quilts are held together by finely sewn stitches, similar to the sticking together of family, a theme that continues through four generations of women. Not all of them are quilters, but they all benefit from the love the quilts hold. Also, some of the quilts are carefully stored away to preserve them for historical value, and others are kept out for daily practical use. This aspect of being valued as the individual work of art as well as valued as part of the grouping for the book brought to mind how people are like that, too, being used by a sovereign God in His plans and purposes. This book contains stories which engage the reader in deep thoughts about God and life. This will not be a good book for anyone who wants a short moment with God. Expect to spend at the very least fifteen minutes on each devotion and the accompanying prayer.

This book would make an excellent gift for women who enjoy artistic hobbies (not just quilting). And, quilters, especially, will like this book to use for inspirational messages at their club meetings. Of course it makes the perfect holiday or birthday gift for stitching friends and family. January would be the ideal time to begin this book while wrapped in a cozy quilt and enjoying a mug of hot coffee or cocoa. Read and enjoy the comfort, love, and joy this book offers.

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