Review of Why Are We Sitting Here Until We Die? by Mark Hancock

  • Review Title: Decisive Move To Make a Positive Difference (Review of Why Are We Sitting Here Until We Die? by Mark Hancock)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

This book, based on a question posed by lepers sitting by a city gate and basically waiting for death, challenges readers to think beyond their present situation and determine the best move to result in a positive outcome. Without thinking through the what ifs, no one including the lepers in the Biblical story will make the effort to change. This is a visionary and motivational book with real life examples of what has worked for others and what can work for the reader.

As the top leader of Trail Life, USA, Mark Hancock, has first hand knowledge to share about what is possible for a person to master when the person feels less than adequate but leans into God with full faith that God will take care of His part that exceeds what is humanly possible. The book includes Bible verses that support this method of personal discovery and decision making and verses that are reliable to see a person through times of growth and transition.

Why Are We Sitting Here Until We Die? has well laid out sections making it easy to read and concise for easy future referencing. Altogether twelve succinct chapters cover what is needed to get from (what I label) point A:As Usual to point B: Better, or Much Better. The object is not to make things better for only self improvement but rather to solve a pressing problem in the world to make life better for many.

Near the end of the book the reader will find a handy chart to use for analyzing one’s life situation. The chart will work for anyone regardless of age or stage. Other books that try to guide people through this type of life analysis tend to over complicate the process and are therefore not as effective for helping people as this process. This method is straightforward, asks the right questions, and gets to the heart of making the best decisions. God is given credit and glory as THE Difference Maker in accomplishing things that others would doubt could be accomplished.

This book would make a great graduation gift to help young people find direction. It also would be a good gift for newlyweds to read and consider together as they begin their union. The retired could benefit from reading it to discover what to do when the career is past. In essence, anyone at a point of transition would find guidance and wisdom within Mark Hancock’s writing

Readers will want to keep this book on their reference shelf for their own personal use or to share with others as needs arise. Grab this book as defense against life’s curve balls that unexpectedly hit from out of the blue. It is a What Do I Do Now and Where Do I Go From Here prompt for working out God’s abundant and fruitful life.

I received an Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC) ebook at no cost for me to read and give an honest review. I am under no obligation to give a favorable review. This book is excellent and will be a benefit to most readers