Review of How Happiness Happens by Max Lucado

Review Title: The Happiness Factor (review of How Happiness Happens by Max Lucado)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

Everyone enjoys feeling happy. Yet happiness remains elusive for many. Max Lucado, a well known Christian pastor and author, has written a book that lets readers in on habits that are certain to generate happiness and lead to lasting joy. When Max’s biblical advice is taken to heart and acted upon, the reader will find a well of joy that surpasses understanding.

I’ve read the first five chapters and found them engaging and surprisingly productive of laugh out loud moments. I had expected to hear about how to get to ‘happy,’ but I was amazed when I realized how happy I felt in the midst of reading the chapters. The book is a successful mix of easy to read stories and guidelines, honest and down to earth self-deprecating humor, and a portrayal of the way Christians should be growing in love for one another.

I rate this book G for all General audiences who appreciate Good books for self, family, church libraries, public libraries, and G for Good Gifting. All my loved ones and acquaintances would enjoy this book.

Thanks to the publisher for letting me participate on the launch team. I look forward to the release of the book when I will get a full dose of Max’s shared happiness and avenue to joy. Max knows that of which he speaks through his books. His authentic and winsome voice will bless many who read this book.

I received the first five chapters in email format from the publisher. I have no obligation to give a favorable review. I have read the chapters and offer this review as my honest opinion. I have no doubt that the rest of the book will be up to the same high standards of this writing and previous books I have read by Max Lucado.