Review of Anchored in Jesus by Johnny Hunt

Review Title: Ever Steady Anchor (review of Anchored in Jesus: Holding on to Truth in a Drifting World by Johnny Hunt)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

The author, Pastor Johnny Hunt, writes in an approachable friendly style that will appeal to many. For those who may have felt Christianity to be an exercise in cerebral stretches beyond the reach of ordinary folks, Pastor Hunt makes the most important basics of the faith instantly understandable.

From his own life story of knowing nothing about Jesus while he was caught up as a young man in pool hall gambling and drinking, he shows the difference Jesus makes once He takes up residence in a willing heart. His story of transformation compels people to rethink any misconceptions they may have about Jesus. Those who are caught up in addictive lifestyles will find hope for release from their bonds in this book.

Pastor Hunt explains the Christian faith in a loving way so people will feel accepted and in God’s favor where He finds them. As Pastor Hunt has been released from shame and has been made useful for God’s work in this needy broken world, so can anyone. Readers will find a great reward for reading this book as they discover the simple truths of God that lead to release from the grip of sin.

Several times the book specifically addresses an audience of men. Many Christian books are written directly for an audience of Christian woman. Fewer are written for men. The book, as it covers the important basics of being Christian, meets the needs of both men and women. Thankfully men can read this and feel cared about equally by Christian publishers as they, too, deserve. Men will feel a challenge to be all in for Jesus and live up to their spiritual calling and potential.

All ages will benefit from reading and applying the information in the book to their lives. That said, the book has a great message for senior Christians who may have felt sidelined in youth oriented churches. The older Christians may be on the cusp of meeting their purpose in full as they continue to go full speed ahead paced with Jesus at the helm of their lives. This is such a hopeful and all inclusive message that many need to hear to refocus for usefulness in kingdom building work. Christian senior groups have a great new resource in this book to energize them to more than they could think or imagine because they join with God and let Him do great things through them.

I received an Advance Readers Copy ebook from Netgalley to read and then give an honest review. I have read the book and given my honest opinion without any obligation to do otherwise. #netgalley #anchoredinjesus