Review of The Story of the Wright Brothers by Annette Whipple

Review Title: Flying With The Wright Brothers (Review of The Story of the Wright Brothers by Annette Whipple)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

This biography of the Wright Brothers for new readers showcases Wilber and Orville’s curiosity, love for learning, persistence, and resilience despite hardships of illness and injury. Readers will be inspired to dream big and never give up. The marvelous illustrations and timelines give increased appeal and value as a learning resource for new readers. An older sibling could read this to a younger sibling as a homeschool lesson for both of them.

Although this book by necessity is about boys, it is not solely for them. Anyone who reads this, including people of all ages, will enjoy learning details about the lives of these young inventors. The book promotes a desire to be inventive, creative, productive, and persistent.

At the end of the book, another resource for learning awaits. A clever and engaging review quiz can be used to reinforce what was read and encourage comprehension and retention. This part is ideal for homeschool teachers using the book as part of their curriculum. Also, a well presented glossary at the end would be ideal for use in spelling and defining words type quizzes.

I received an e-copy of this book before it hit the market so I could do an unbiased review of the book. I thank the publisher and author for the advance reader/reviewer copy of the book. The e-book text and illustrations worked well on an Android phone. I think many people will gain value for time spent engaging with this book. It would be good to give as a gift and also perfect for school and public libraries.