Review of the Powerful Purpose of Introverts by Holley Gerth

Review Title: Learning To Be Yourself (Review of The Powerful Purpose of Introverts by Holley Gerth)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars


This impactful book contains a treasure box full of resources for self discovery and revelation of the true you. Especially geared to personal discovery, it also guides into better knowing others and understanding personalities in your realm of influence.

The author wrote from two unique viewpoints meshed together. First she wrote from the personal experience of being an introvert. Secondly, she wrote from her base of knowledge and experience as a licensed professional counselor. She has the perfect base from which to write about this engaging topic to inform and help.

The book contains many personality tests. To find them all gathered into one resource makes the book worth its cost for that benefit alone. Yet it also includes added priceless value in sharing in an uplifting way the hidden strengths of introverts. This information can be utilized by the reader for their own edification or to encourage others.

At the back of the book, the Book Club Questions section will guide group study leaders into lively discussions with group members. Having the questions ready to address saves leaders precious organizational time.

I highly recommend this book to people who think they may fall into the category of being an introvert. In the past, such a designation may have been unjustly seen in a negative light. Read this book to find out the truth about introversion. And while shining a light on the valued traits of introversion, the book does not treat extroversion in a negative way. Both types of individuals living in the world are recognized as made by God for His good purposes. This is a book that has been needed for a long time.