Review of The Minimalist Kitchen by Melissa Coleman

Review Title: Rethinking the Kitchen (review of The Minimalist Kitchen by Melissa Coleman)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

The subtitle, The Practical Art of Making More With Less, describes the intent and purpose of this book. When I saw the word ‘Minimalist’ in the main title, I expected something a bit different. I sought out the title for help with downsizing my kitchen. Although the book did not have much to help me in that arena, it does have excellent recipes. It also contains good organizational ideas.

The Minimalist Kitchen would work well for someone building up a well working efficient kitchen space. For an older person who is downsizing, the amount of kitchen equipment could be pared down quite a bit from what this book suggests as needed.

I appreciated the beauty of the graphics and the layout of this resource. It will be considered instructional guidance for younger people. And it will be useful as a cookbook for older and long established home chefs. I found several quick and easy recipes I can incorporate into our diet which is by necessity for health reasons trending toward vegan.

I requested the book online from the library so did not get a look into it until it arrived. I hope my review will make readers aware of exactly what this book has to offer. Many people will get good and practical information to set up their kitchen. Others, like myself, will use it for new ideas to liven up their meal plan.