Review of Discipleship That Fits by Bobby Harrington and Alex Absolom

Review Title: Discipling Disciples (Review of Discipleship That Fits by Bobby Harrington and Alex Absolom)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

The secondary title of this book, The Five Kinds of Relationships God uses to Help Us Grow, explains what to expect from this 224 page book. As a member of a community church formed with the mission of making disciples who make disciples, I found this book very relevant. The authors have gathered together information from personal experience and from other resources to help churches and ministries to become more intentional in disciple making.

I appreciated that Discipleship That Fits relates to all denominations rather than being specific to one brand. The five universal contexts of interactions covered in the book are: public; social; personal; transparent; and, divine. A realization of the differences between each context gives great insight to leaders while in the planning process.

Expectations regarding participant’s reactions within the various contexts are clearly presented. At what level will barriers be broken down that would prohibit a person from sharing personal info with a larger group? Ministries need to grasp the importance of each context, and realize that if one is missing, opportunities to gather in potential disciples will be lost.

Ministry leaders receive the benefit of guidance and wisdom presented in this book. It will impact the learning curve of those hoping to make disciples who make disciples by decreasing trial and error experiments to find what works best. Individual church members will benefit from reading the book to get a clearer understanding of the hierarchy of the contexts. They will be better prepared to assist in the church mission. The book becomes like a blueprint for building a discipleship program which fits the needs in a community. Expect it to foster spiritual growth when its instruction is put into practice.

I received an ebook free of charge through netgalley in exchange for posting an honest review after reading. I have expressed my honest opinion. I am under no obligation to give a positive review. I later bought this in a soft cover book to share with church friends.