Review of Recording Artist Gary LeVox’s One on One

Review Title: Songs of Relationship With God (review of Gary LeVox’s One on One)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

Gary LeVox, former lead singer with Rascal Flatts, has a debut EP, extended play record, which wholistically gives a portrait of a believer’s life in Christ. I appreciate the authenticity of the songs which end with “The Distance.” That song is such an appropriate ending with encouragement for believers to stick with God through thick and thin because He will see you through whatever a person faces in life.

My personal ‘word for the year’ 2021 is LOVE and that is the theme of the first song on this EP, One on One. “A Little Love,” performed by Gary LeVox, accompanied by Mercy Me, motivates believers to act in loving and kind ways, to be intentional to give a smile or to help someone, because one never knows how much the act might mean to someone in need. The song has a catchy rhythm and words to remind listeners of 1 Corinthians 13, the Love Chapter of the Bible. God is love, and a song to remind believers to think of others and their needs will help Christians to show God’s love to others more frequently.

“While I Wait” is beautifully sung by LeVox and his daughter, Brittany. Christians often find themselves in times of waiting on God’s best answers to prayers for help for themselves or for loved ones. This song addresses the agony sometimes experienced in waiting yet reminds that there is still plenty of reason to praise God while waiting.

All the songs are excellent. My review highlights my favorites on the EP. For personal use, this music meets my high standards of what I choose to listen to while I do chores around the home. It starts out with a very upbeat song to motivate and energize me to move toward doing something I’d perhaps rather not do. The messages on the songs are clearly meant to be in line with messages in the Bible. Singing along while working will be fun and keep my mind occupied as Philippians 4:8 exhorts Christians to dwell on good and praiseworthy thoughts.

All the music in One on One will be useful and well received in church settings or events with praise bands. Some praise music is overly repetitive in lyrics, but I did not find the songs on this album to be so.

I chose to review this product through Momentum Influencers Network by listening and giving my honest opinion in exchange for a free sample of the music. I also chose to subscribe to Amazon Music so I can get more music like this on my phone instead of listening solely to CDs as I have in the past. This recording has great sound quality on my phone.