Review of Love Is (Illustrated by Paola Escobar and Published by Zondervan)

Review Title: Love in Words and Pictures (Review of Love Is)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

Beautiful! The illustrations are a fabulous display of the colors and beauty of God’s creation in the natural world. The pages are what I term “thinkables.” Parents or others reading aloud the wonderful words from Scripture about love can look at the pictures to see what is happening to match the actions portrayed by the words. One example: a leaf shares collected dew drops with a creature to illustrate, ” Love is kind.” Another page illustrates, “Love is not happy with evil,” by showing animals running from a forest fire.

This book has appeal for all ages because the subject of love is timeless and universal. Its words and pictures should in no way offend those in or out of particular faith beliefs. As a Christian, I would want to share with younger children that although the illustrations are of the natural world and only show animals that the words are from the Bible and guide people to know how they are to treat each other.

I received an advance reader ebook copy for review purposes from netgalley and the publisher. I am under no obligation to give a good review. I have given my honest review after reading the book several times. I receive no compensation for posting my honest reviews.

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