Review of The Snuggle is Real by Melinda Lee Rathjen

Review Title: Seeking Care From Loving Hearts (review of The Snuggle is Real by Melinda Lee Rathjen)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

This sweet board book portrays lovable young animals having a variety of struggles in their daily lives. The book title is a play on words of a saying parents are familiar with, “The struggle is real.”

The book is designed to appeal to the child being read to as well as the adult reading the book. From my perspective as an older adult, I found the book gave a gentle touch to my heart like a genuine hug or snuggle. We all, no matter what age, do experience challenges that can be tough to navigate alone. The book encourages reaching out for help to those who have both empathy and the ability to make things better.

All the cute illustrations seem to portray reaching out to older members of the baby animal’s family for assistance. For that reason, the book would be good as a springboard to discuss with young children who they should and should not reach out to for help.

I liked that the book is the kind that can ‘turn a frown upside down.’ It shows how to not stay in the dumps just because something went wrong. I am happy to have won this book from a blogger’s contest. It has made a positive difference in my life that I wanted to share with others.