Day 1 Blog Post

In considering my first blog post, my thought ran to how God says we are to number our days.Therefore, my blog titles will be day numbers which do not waste time in title choice. I seek to discover the meaning of looking, living, and learning as a person made in God’s image. God would not want me to waste His gift of time, so I try to keep things simple when possible.

Numbering our days fits into the category of living. When a young person thinks on such things, an infinite number of days seems available. But for an older person like myself, I can easily think of how old my parents were when they died compared to my current age.

I am a little over ten years away from the age my father died. Three hundred sixty-five days in a year times ten equals three thousand six hundred fifty days. How does a Christian live those days knowing God imprinted His image into their being? How do we bring Him the glory He deserves by our daily living choices?

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Blog Post

  1. Welcome to blogging!

    As an author and editor, I wouldn’t be inclined to see titles as a waste of time. They tell the reader something about the subject (or they tease him to come and see what on earth you are talking about), and they also give a reference point to look back on. In addition, if anyone ever chooses to quote you in a book, “Day 462 Blog Post” isn’t a very good endnote for telling the reader what the post was about, but “The Sorrows of Life in a Fallen World” is. They can help drive readers with a search engine, such as google, as well. If you end up having hundreds of posts and some sort of table of contents, readers may click on a topic that catches their attention, but they’re unlikely to click on random numbers.

    That’s just a quibble, though. Congrats on taking the leap!


  2. Thank you, Cheryl. I agree with your thoughts on the title. In time I will consider creating daily titles while still retaining the day number. I want to use the day number because it is a reminder to make the most of my days. As I am beginning this daily adventure, first in importance to me is to get the posts done instead of spending an hour deciding upon a title (which I could easily do). I love titles and could get lost just in that aspect. To start with, I will concentrate on one thing at a time and keep it simple. God took six days to create, one area at a time. Good for me, too, to follow His method. And I think that is what this blog challenge (via Jeff Goins) is about. It offers training in doing things, one chunk at a time, so people do not feel overwhelmed.


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