Day 2 Blog Post

This morning I opened my eyes and saw the world I inhabit. As a person bearing the image of God, my Creator, and as a Christian, with Jesus’ Spirit dwelling in me, I have a choice as to how I view or look at the world. Will I see only with the physical natural eyes limited by the thoughts in one compartment of my brain, or will I welcome the heart eyes that belong to the Spirit to expand my vision?

Christians have been called close-minded. I can see how that label seems proper to those who do not find Christians to be in agreement with their opinions. But Christians, of all people, are the most open-minded in expanding their view of the world to encompass God’s prescribed view. God’s view transcends the individual view of the world. It is a view from on high and unrestrained by the pull of earth’s gravity.

A battle rages. Individuals call out to us to see the world as they see it, even when their view is diametrically opposed to God’s view. We seem to be caught up in a tug-of-war that has the individual Christian on one side and on the other side the rope threads are unwound with  individuals pulling in different directions at different times. The Christian, with the unseen power of God working on the inside, can defeat each of those individual threads pulling at them.

Even defeat looks different from God’s view. He prefers pulling the threads over to His side rather than breaking off the threads. He defeats through His love in saving, picking up, reaching out to the lost, redeeming, restoring…through Jesus. His victory becomes the individual’s victory. He originated the win-win outcome.. Are you considering this with the eyes in your heart along with the eyes that transmit to a brain compartment on the restricted physical level?