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Today I want to be a discerning learner. What does it mean to be a learner who is made in the image of God? The world is full of learning opportunities for ourselves and our children. Many are good programs, and may even be labeled as the best, or award-winning. As a Christian, how do we determine what is worth the cost, both in money and time, to invest in for education? Does it matter if educational materials include the Christian worldview as long as biblical studies receive sideline attention?

Formerly, as a homeschooling mom and baby Christian, I had to navigate those murky waters. I started out with the Calvert School program which had been used for many years by missionary families. All the supplies needed for the school year, including yellow number 2 lead Calvert labeled pencils, came delivered in a box. Despite the fresh smell of the contents, the box did not include any religious materials.

As time passed, I learned more about living as a Christian. I realized the importance of having the Christian worldview included in the daily study of subjects. I began to understand that if Christianity becomes considered a Sunday morning activity with a fifteen minute daily Bible study time, that faith can begin to wither as the brain compartmentalizes who or Who has authority over the subject matter and hours of study time. Does God or man own the material and time? Does God get credit for His place as Creator?

Now I choose to invest in educational materials for myself and others which integrate the true authority of God. When He is left out, subjects seem dry and without life. Materials lacking a mention of God’s place can be used discerningly with a sprinkling of salt to make them palatable.  Mature Christians have a shaker full, but new Christians may not possess enough to enhance dead subject matter.

These initial thoughts speak on what learning in the image of God means to me. Do you have any thoughts to share? I could have used guidance as a homeschooling mom. Perhaps you could help someone today by sharing your experiences?

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  1. We still have our Calvert ruler from starting out, and a couple of reading books. We moved on to a more distinctly Christian worldview but it did get us started.

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  2. Thank you, Mumsee, for your comment. I really learned a lot as a new homeschool teacher from Calvert. They had an excellent curriculum guide that taught me how to teach. I was pleased with most aspects of the program, but I was surprised by the lack of a Christian worldview in the materials (since it was used by missionaries). I found the materials from God’s World News (World Magazine) to be a great supplement for a Christian worldview.


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