Day 8 Blog Post Theme: #Mistakes

Mistakes happen. I have six decades of experience with mistakes, some major and others minor. All people make mistakes, but the way they deal with them varies according to worldview. As a Christian, I hope to learn from my mistakes and not keep repeating the same ones. Mistakes are inevitable if a person ventures into new territory. That’s where I am with this blog.

Yesterday, on Day 7 Blog Post, I worked to write, edit, and re-edit what I wanted to say. I fine tuned the piece by getting rid of the word “was,” and other verbiage. I did not realize, however, that at some point in my revisions I managed to delete the newer and improved version and posted the older version. Later, I checked on stats and looked back at my post. I saw my mistake. I thought, Oh, no! Look what I did, and hit me upside the head!

Do you ever beat up on yourself when you make a mistake, especially one that is public rather than private? First Responders to mistakes come in the form of internal verbal lashings. But the Christian worldview puts restraints on those lashings. Father God uplifts and encourages with His love. He reminds we are His children who are learning new things according to His plans. He does not continue the lashing, but tells those First Responders, “Enough!”

So today I try again with a heart hoping to learn from yesterday’s mistake. Today I go forward finding out more about learning as one made in the image of God, the potter. He reforms what He wants to make useful. I’ve heard He never makes mistakes. So, with that thought, I will consider yesterday as a lesson that presented an opportunity to do better today. Have you made a recent mistake that generated internal lashings? Has it turned into an opportunity to learn a better way? Do you notice the love the Christian experiences from the Father to see them through difficulties?