Day 7 Blog Post


Today I went looking in the yard to find a new gift from God. The air was crisp, with the sun warming up the day after the night hit the lower forties. Surprised by a small Gulf fritillary caterpillar, I spied it positioned upside down while munching on the last of this season’s passionflower vine. I snapped a photo to share. I wondered that with the evenings so cold now, what would become of the life of this caterpillar? Why would God allow the caterpillar to emerge from the egg to let it be killed by the cold?

I believe God gave Christians a sense of wonder and curiosity about His creation. Our eyes open to see whatever He puts before us to remind of His good plans for us and all of His creation. We know that when sin entered in that His creation got marred, but not totally. Much beauty can still be found. Death has not been victorious despite what we see in the news. We find evidence that He is still in control. The caterpillar I saw today serves as a piece of evidence showing God still possesses the upper hand.

The internet allowed me to do a quick search of what would become of the caterpillar. A helpful site,,I revealed adult Gulf fritillaries winter over. So I am hopeful time will be available between now and winter for the caterpillar to transform into a butterfly. But in considering if winter temps happen to kill the creature before it survives to adulthood, I realized God’s purpose for it may have been only for me to see it and consider its reminder to number my days. How many times does God put things in our path to help us think His thoughts, and we pass them by without noticing?

Today I practiced looking at the world around me as one made in the image of God. Have you looked at anything lately with the spiritual eyes of your heart? Would you care to share about what you saw and any insight God gave you? Forever He gives us new delights and comforts. I want to receive all His good gifts and not overlook even one.