Day 10 Blog Post Theme: #Glorify God

When I venture out into God’s creation, I feel the beauty He created shouting in vibrant colors, fragrance, and sounds lacking syllables. Glory to God!  Fall days fill with reminders anew each day. If nature can do that, glorify God without doing anything but being, how can I, another of His creation, glorify Him?

God generously gives choice to humans in the matter of glorifying Him. He made us with a brain to comprehend spiritual thoughts. He made us as His image bearers for His purposes, but we can choose to rebel against His purposes and go our own way. His word gives wisdom indicating His way is best. He gives true Christians a desire in their hearts to match His, a desire to glorify Him above all else.

Instead of the passive act of being, which the lower forms of God’s creation have no choice about, how can I live up to daily bringing glory to God?. I have been wondering about this for several years. I know that being in worship services, offering praise to Him, and reading His word with an open heart and willingness to obey His instruction gives Him honor and glory as I respect and revere Him. But on a moment by moment basis, rather than at specific worship center times and Bible study times, what can I do?

I decided to experiment using social media to glorify Him and hopefully make His goodness and love better known in the world. Daily I try to find something lovely He created to share in a picture I post to Twitter along with a thoughtful or whimsical haiku verse and a reminder of God as Creator. This small exercise keeps me alert to see daily gifts of beauty I might otherwise pass over. It keeps me thinking about sharing God and Jesus with others. Also, it gives my brain a good workout to offset the aging process.

Are You finding ways to glorify God daily? Please share your ideas so we can all gather fresh thoughts to fulfill His basic purpose in creating us.