Day 11 Blog Post Theme: Signage

Within the past year I experienced instances of faulty or no signage when I needed to go somewhere I considered important. This morning I saw another person looking bewildered at the same spot I had looked likewise a month ago. The junction of the entrance from the parking lot into a medical building that adjoins other medical buildings with the tunnel to the hospital can be a tricky spot when only one medical building shows its address and no signs are posted as to how to get to the other buildings. I had to ask directions the first time, and now I give directions when I see the look.

At the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport confusion exists for those picking up an arriving passenger. My husband and I circled numerous times waiting upon arrival of our son. Signs indicated a cell phone lot for waiting and calling for news of arrival. But the lot did not exist. How many gallons of gas and hours of time get wasted by circling and looking for the promised lot?

At another hospital, construction work obscured any signs that may have been helpful. Patients looking for their medical appointment offices felt like experimental rats in a maze. Would these be the ones smart enough to find their way to treatment? After going through the maze, patients needed additional treatment.

As a Christian, I can help one person at a time as the need arises before me, as I have been doing, or I can make an effort to help masses of people to not suffer bewilderment, and waste of time and resources, by making a call to management at these locations of improper signage.

Considering signage, God’s word, the Bible, stands alone as most precious and perfect. It sends us all in the right direction with numerous pointers to heaven. It tells of Father God’s plan for the Way, through Jesus, for salvation of His children. God gives clear directions, and I can always trust that He will not lead me astray.

Have You seen any faulty signage lately? Can you do anything to correct it? Are you paying attention to the clear directions given by God in His word?