Day 12 Blog Post Theme: #Distance Learning

Today my husband and I traveled up to Lookout Mountain, Georgia and spent time watching hang gliders. We viewed the process of lightweight tow planes pulling and lifting the gliders up and releasing them. The individuals attached to the gliders had great responsibility and freedom as they soared like eagles. Maybe they looked like buzzards, but my generous spirit will call them eagles, elegant and majestic. My husband and I loved watching, but were glad to not be flying ourselves. We observed and learned from a safe distance.

People are given many opportunities to learn from a distance. As a young boy, our son recognized poison ivy where children played, and he warned them to stay away from it. The children would not listen to him, and he did not want to see them suffer the consequence. They chose to learn first hand rather than from a safe distance.

God gives us His word so we can learn from a safe distance from harmful and hurtful encounters others have experienced. Jesus told stories to reveal wise and unwise choices. He desired for people to learn from the mistakes of others and stay away from avoidable troubles and sins.

Have you learned anything from a distance that kept you from physical pain or emotional hurt? God loves you so much that He went to great effort to give you His word. Please do not undervalue it. He says to abide in Him, and a great way to do that is to stay in His word and live accordingly.

Lord, may we receive all the distance learning lessons Your love and word offers daily. Thank You for sharing with Your children in ways to keep us safe from hurts. In Jesus’ name, Amen