Day 15 Blog Post Theme: #Advice

Today while my husband had medical procedures, I spend time in waiting rooms. At one point, as I tried to read, I overheard conversation.

A mom told another waiting patient about her son’s asthma. Since my son had asthma when younger I considered telling her something that had helped my son.

I decided not to jump into the conversation at that point. Later. after the other patient went in for his appointment I chose to try to engage in conversation.

I began politely, “I heard you say your son has asthma.”


“Eating salmon helped my son.”

“We are vegetarian, and I don’t like fish.”

A few more things were said, and finally I said, “You can get salmon oil capsules. It helps with inflamation.”

She stated, “I’ve heard Cod liver oil is suppose to be good for it, and now they make it flavored.”

She never gave any indication that she might try it nor did she thank me for my concern.

In a sense, I felt disappointed that the mother was not more receptive to what I thought might help her son feel better. I remembered another time and place when a mother seemed glad to hear about a natural remedy that might help.

I did not know if I made a mistake by assuming my advice might be wanted or needed. It had been an opportunity to err in one way or the other. I chose the possibility of helping the child and accepted the possibility of rejection of  knowledge.

Through this exchange, I realized that some people have no training in gracious listening, patience, kindness, and displaying the fruit of the spirit. I had heard her tell the other patient, “I’ll pray for you.”

I realized maybe God chose to use this exchange to show me how He feels when He gives great advice in His word, and we skim over it, and don’t obey it because we don’t like it.

Christians are willing to think deep and be alert for God’s teachable moments which can at times feel like sandpaper on our hearts.♡

Thank You, Lord, for helping me see through this situation to Your
lesson. Help me to be a wise helper and discern when and when not to give advise. Help me to act wisely in putting Your advice to work in my life. In Jesus, Amen