Day 16 Blog Post Theme: #Donations

I recently decided to find at least one item, on a daily basis, to donate to charity. It became a fun challenge to consider what I could do without and how much new empty space would be revealed.

I became a frequent donor at the local Wellspring resale shop. Sales at the store benefit young ladies who are starting new lives after having been caught up in the sex industry.

I also like to donate used Christian books and Bibles to Christian Library International. They send the donations to prison chaplains for their lending libraries. Prisoners read the books and Bibles, get involved with CLI bible studies, and find new life in Christ.

Everyone feels good making donations for worthy causes that help people. Christians look at donations not only for the physical help they can be, but they see, with the eyes of their heart, how their donations have a double impact. The first impact is immediate here in the physical realm. The second impact is eternal in the spiritual realm.

Do you deeply consider the full impact of your donations? Do you have other organizations to suggest which have this double impact?

Father God, help me to always think twice before I act so I never neglect seeing the spiritual impact of what I am considering doing. You are good to give wisdom to those who ask. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, Amen