Day 18 Blog Post Theme: #Applications

These days those who possess a Smartphone are blessed with a multitude of applications. I do not even know how many application buttons I have on my phone. I just counted. I knew it was a lot, but seventy-two? I did a recount, and I had counted correctly.

Many apps came installed at the factory when I got the phone. I do not know the purpose of most. One day I may experiment with them. I daily use a few: the calendar, alarm clock, timer, social media apps, photo gallery, and audible books; others I use frequently: goodreads, kindle, play store, maps, memo pad, and calculator. Some may be widgets instead of apps, but they are phone buttons that enable actions.

Recently I downloaded another app, First Five, a devotional reading for when a woman wakes up to the alarm on the phone. The Proverbs 31 ladies group offers it on their website.It is a wonderful idea. But since I already have a well established Bible reading and devotional time, I have not yet integrated it into my days. I hope to do so in the future.

Consideration of all the unused apps on my phone prompts thoughts about God and His word which is also full of applications. He gave us words about acting wisely, being fruitful for His kingdom, showing love to our neighbors as to ourselves, letting His strength show through weakness, and worshiping Him in spirit and in truth.

The apps on my phone are helpful. Some even seem like must haves for modern life. However,  apps in God’s word are even more important. They have stood the test of time and location without losing power or being out of service range. As long as people are literate, God’s word stands ready to help them live abundantly, not just on earth, but eternally with God.

As a Christian who numbers her days, I need to look at the apps on my phone carefully. Which will help me become closer to God and love others as He would have me do? I will locate phone apps I use quickly if I delete the clutter of the unused.

Today, with this post, I also remind myself that only so many days remain for me to learn to better put into use the excellent applications God gives in His word. I neglected His word for years, until my thirties. I don’t want to waste any part of what I received from Him. Do you make effort to apply the gift of His word to your life? Do you use any apps on your phone or computer to help you in your Christian walk?

Heavenly Father, please help me learn to apply all Your words to my life. Thank You  for Your precious words of wisdom and life abundant. Please help me make more time for You. In Jesus’ name, Amen