Day 17 Blog Post Theme: #Positive Spin

In 1960, the movie Pollyanna, produced by Walt Disney, came out in theaters. At age eight I got my introduction to positive spin. The term, positive spin, although not used back then, happens to be what Pollyanna did with her Glad game.

The idea of seeing things in life from a positive angle felt jarring to my young self. My father, unlike my friends’ fathers, went away for long stretches on Navy duty. Santa Claus, bringer of gifts to good girls and boys, always brought the best presents to my friend, and I wondered if I had not been good enough. My brother had a disease, diabetes, that became a major focus of our family. In general, these situations washed my feelings about life with a broad stoke of gray..

Thinking back on those days, I believe I felt like I trudged through the slush of half melted snow, neither pretty or fun, with leaky shoes, soggy socks, and icy feet. Life became a challenge to get through without causing anyone any difficulties.

I knew of God, but I had no solid grounding in the Bible. I did not know God could be a personal friend and Savior through Jesus. Not until I became an adult with a sick child did I decide to read through the Bible to see what God had to say about life. He had plenty to say. Why had I not listened before?

I met the real Lord Jesus as I read through the Bible. I trusted Him to be my Savior and to save me from my sins by the power of His blood shed on the cross. I found the biggest positive, salvation available to all people, that broke through the biggest negative, death of Jesus on the cross, through God’s excellent plan.

Reading through God’s word, the Bible, I found a new worldview. I had within me the option of seeing the world through a God filtered view. I could still see the reality of negative happenings, but I could add to that a view of how God could use those happenings to bring good into the world. I felt like I had new lenses in my eyeglasses. Before, the world appeared distorted through my focus on the bad in the world. Now I could see beyond the bad; I could see what God could do to make things right.

Although the Pollyanna movie first introduced me to the idea of positive spin, I now realize that God initiated positive spin at the time or even before Creation. He loves us and wants the best for us. Part of that love involves having His children focus on Him in times of trouble.He made great effort to give us His word and His view on life. I need His positive spin every day of my life.

Have you ever considered God as the first to put a positive spin on news? Spin can be deceptive or manipulative when used by some news agencies. But God is never deceptive. He is always trustworthy and truthful. Do you have a positive worldview influenced by God?