Day 48 Blog Post Theme: #Rest

Sunday, or whatever your designated day of rest, allows concentrated time with the Father, Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. Individual Christians find special ways to keep their thoughts focused on God. I have found reading books about others who have walked with God on amazing paths helpful. Today I offer you a review of one such book that makes a great read for a day of rest.

Review Title: See God in Awesome Action (review of I Have Seen God by Klause-Dieter John)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

If you have ever wondered how God works, this book reveals Him making the most of human and physical resources, and acting in miraculous ways which appear impossible except for realizing He has done the thing that could not be done.

If you have ever wondered about how God calls His children to act on a notion, a far-fetched dream He gave that seemed so questionable at the time received, this book will reveal how that works.

If you have ever wondered whether or not God cares about the poor in this world and if He will make any difference in their lives, this book will give you answers to that long pondered question.

If you have ever wondered how people who are highly skilled, well educated, and with prospects of an affluent life can go to a poverty stricken area to live far below the quality of life to which they were accustomed in order to serve the needy in the name of Christ, this book will show you how that happens.

If you have ever wondered if corporations have a heart, and what their motivations are for charitable acts, this book will give you a look at inner workings that mobilize substantial help through donations in kind and financial commitments.

Not wanting this review to get too long, I will just say that I have only touched upon a few aspects of this inspiring book. I really enjoyed the photo pages included  which helped me to see personalities through their captured expressions. The love for God and the people He made flows through the whole book. Receive inspiration to stick with God through thick and thin. See what spectacular impact can be made when God works through believers who will not give up even at the bleakest of moments.

I thank, the author, and the publisher for giving me this book in exchange for reading it and posting an honest review. This book will inspire all readers in many ways. Rise up to action based on examples set by dedicated Christians, by corporate sponsors doing good in community settings, by government cutting through red tape and corruption, by God turning what seems to be a hardship into an opportunity to receive beyond wildest dreams,and more. Not to be missed!