Day 62 Blog Post Theme: #Rest

Today I have been using part of my time to finish reading the book, Skin in the Game, by Rick Lawrence. I highly recommend reading this book for helping to draw closer to God. You will be challenged to risk more to gain a deeper relationship with God.

I posted a review of this book on several sites. May you be blessed first by reading of my review, and then more blessed by reading the book. My review follows:

Review Title: Move to Skin Deep (review of Skin in the Game by Rick Lawrence)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

The subtitle of this book, “Living an Epic Jesus-Centered Life,” gives a clue to what you will experience through reading this excellent book. Why do I say it is excellent? First, the book is clear, concise, and compact. Secondly, the book presents the same leadership style as Jesus who addressed people, both disciples and unbelievers, with questions to bring them to a deeper understanding of where they were in their spiritual footing. Furthermore, the book encourages the reader who may be stuck at some particular level, on the brink as a reluctant risk-taker, to move along by relying on Jesus, by learning to trust Him for all He is worth, and by allowing failure to be a stepping stone to kingdom building success.

The questions forming the chapter titles are all used like a climb up the swimming pool high dive ladder, a thoughtful climb, rung by rung, to a higher level of questioning and pondering, and then there is the jump into the deep waters where Rick Lawrence delivers answers to the questions through real life story examples and explanations of passages of the Bible that I had never heard explored from the same angle. I find his method of teaching to be enlightening. I definitely want to read more of his writing.

I received this book through in exchange for reading it and posting an honest review. This book truly encourages readers to go in deeper with Jesus, to let Him in under the skin and into Your veins and heart, to go with Him to new realms that you may have imagined but thought too risky. This book helps conquer fears when considering how much investment is too much investment.

I thank, the author, and the publisher for giving me this wonderful book. I have several people in mind to share it with. Given the prompt to put ‘Skin in the Game,’I expect to see major movement toward greater Kingdom of God building happening here on earth as it is in heaven.