Review of Unanswered by Jeremiah J. Johnston

Review Title: Q & A Time W/Encouragement2Ask More (review of Unanswered by Jeremiah Johnston)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

The author, Jeremiah Johnston, serves as Founder and President of the Christian Thinkers Society in addition to his roles as professor, New Testament scholar, and other related positions. He wrote this book to help people within the Christian community who have questions about the faith that have never been properly addressed or answered in a satisfactory manner. Some people leave the faith after receiving a bad answer giving a false view. An improper answer at a vulnerable age turned Steve Jobs away from Christianity, as an example from the book.

I liked the encouragement given at the end of the book to keep asking valid questions. He points the reader to additional resources to keep up the quest for knowledge to enable readers to be question answerers themselves to those they encounter in their communities. He does not point to himself as the final authority. He is walking humbly with Jesus and hopes to motivate others to join the informed walk.

The book is easily read, down to earth, and overflows with relevant information that is worthy to share. It goes in depth about the background of some stories the reader may have heard of in a general way. The details from his research add interest and highlight God’s amazing work in the world.

I thank the author, the publisher, and for giving me this book in exchange for reading it and posting an honest review. This book is a gem to share with a study group or read on your own. I am glad to have this information available to help Christians be more knowledgable when they discuss their faith with others.