Review of Who Killed My Church? by R. James Shupp

Review Title: Resurrecting a Church (review of Who Killed My Church? by R. James Shupp)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars


This book presents the story of a church in decline and explains how it got to that point without placing blame upon individuals within the church. That alone makes this book valuable as a peace promoting tool for adult church members to read and consider. It reaches into what often becomes a briar patch of thorns in the declining church and rescues various people in leadership positions from people sticking them with all the blame. I really appreciated that aspect of this book most of all.


The value of a church consultant shines in this story. Someone from outside can analyze and get things restarted on the true foundation once the no longer working programs are dismantled. The church in this story would have totally been gone in two years if changes were not made.


This has been a great book for my husband and me to read aloud. It resonates with the truth about declining churches that we have seen during our past thirty years of church involvement in an urban environment. I highly recommend this book for people in urban areas, in large city or smaller city churches especially. Rural area churches may not be affected in the same manner as larger population areas in regards to why the church declines.


I received this book in ebook format free of cost through in exchange for an honest review. I am pleased to be able to highly recommend it to adult members of churches.