Review of Releasing the Divine Healer Within by Dennis & Dr. Jen Clark

Review Title: New Facets of God’s Work Revealed (review of Releasing the Divine Healer Within by Dennis & Dr. Jen Clark)

***** 5 Stars


Wow! This book needs to be read and considered by all adult Christians. It addresses what happens in healing from a physical and scientific level through the spiritual realm. The discussions about the cells in the body acted as a refresher course and also as a revealer of God’s work at the unseen detailed level. The work is beautiful and brings glory to God.


Examples of miraculous healings are presented along with explanations of how both the prayer warriors and the prayer recipients need to be fully surrendered to God’s healing powers. I realized that many Christians are unaware of the importance of the sick or hurt person being totally given over to God’s chosen ways of healing.


I want to reread this book and follow through with suggested exercises each time needs arise, whether my own personal needs or that of family members and friends. It is a keeper book!


The book will be appreciated by many who have not looked closely at God’s healing ways because healing can be a controversial subject in some faith communities. I feel blessed to have read this book, and feel others will truly benefit from the reading of it.


I thank the authors and for giving me the book in exchange for an honest review after reading it.