Review of Lavish Grace by Kathy Howard

Review Title: Understand the Gift of Grace (review of Lavish Grace by Kathy Howard)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars
Every believer receives grace from God, “Pored Out, Poured Through, and Overflowing,” as the subtitle of this book indicates. Yet few have an in depth understanding of what grace encompasses. Kathy Howard brings the subject into focus as with a magnifying glass to examine what it means to live out grace from the receiving to the giving.

The book makes the reader dig for their own answers to relevant questions about the topic. The Bible is the source book for answers and enlightenment. Kathy Howard asks the right questions to prompt diligent research to learn not only what she teaches, but also to discover how the Bible passages apply on an individual and personal level. The reader begins with a general knowledge of grace, but it gets refined as quickly as the reader moves through the book. It is designed for nine weeks, but can be done at another pace according to needs. The book works well for individuals or small groups. A leader’s guide, at the back of the book, helps those who wish to go that route.

These days when so many people act rudely at the slightest offense, either real or imagined, a Christian who chooses to give grace stands out. This book will make you consider choosing to give grace because God gave it to you for your true offenses. By promoting more grace to be shown to needy individuals in the world, this book could potentially become a trend setter in making the world a better place to connect with people. It should be helpful to those who want to reach out and live missionally within their own communities.

This book was provided free of cost from, the author, and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All Christians, of all ages, will benefit from reading, studying, and acting on the material in this book. It is a disciple building tool.