Review of The Simple Life Guide to Decluttering Your Life by Gary Collins, MS

Review Title: Seeking the All Around Simple Life (Review of The Simple Life Guide To Declutter Your Life by Gary Collins, MS)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
**** 4 Stars
What a helpful book for those who hope to simplify and declutter their lifestyle in whole and not limited to only household accumulations. This is a book that will help guide readers through their whole existence (except for the religious component) with a thorough look at what is needed to live a good life and what is excess that causes stress.

The book delves into what makes a quality life in regards to purpose, health, finances, social circles, informational storage, household necessities, holiday and celebration traditions and excesses, political associations, and hobbies. The book is well laid out so the reader should not feel overwhelmed by having to  consider all these areas at the same time. They each have a dedicated chapter. Many people have allowed all these areas of their lives to become overly cluttered so that dysfunction can result. This book seems to whittle life back down to the basics so life management becomes possible and a joy instead of a daily burden.

The author has cleared the excess from his life and shares with the reader what worked for him and might be helpful for the reader. He is not adamant that people need to follow his exact strategy but offers it as a starting point to design your own personal working  plan.
I enjoyed the personable approach used in this book so you get the feel of being friends with the author. My one criticism is that since I mostly read books for Christian audiences, I found the use of some profanity and expletives detracted from the author’s message. That will not bother many who could benefit from this author’s work. I had to overlook some language to get to the main message. Other than that, the book is well worth the read and has many helpful solutions for all who are challenged by a cluttered lifestyle.

I received a free ebook copy of this book through Net Galley for honest review purposes. I read it completely and have given my honest opinion about the book.