Review of Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook by Heather Wish Staller

Review Title: Treasury of Recipes for All Ages (Review of Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook by Heather Wish Staller)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

This cookbook may become a favorite for all who use it because it offers what people want and need regarding nutritious, quick, and simple foods to prepare for the family. These days with all the takeout foods and microwave meals, many have never learned the art of cooking. This book is a treasury for all beginners and the variety of recipes and combinations will appeal to accomplished cooks, too.

The informational tips for teaching young children to cook are excellent for training in safety, creativity, processing from start to finish, team work, staying on focus, and waiting for the finished product. The recipes, although selected with the interests of preschoolers in mind, will certainly whet the appetite for all people. Organizationally, the recipes are grouped by meal times, including snacks and desserts, for ease in selection. Also, the level of difficulty is indicated for each recipe so no one should get overwhelmed by trying something too difficult to begin learning to cook.

The book in ebook format has lovely photos of some but not all of the completed recipes. Everything offered in the book seems doable with easy to follow instructions. The book does not promise picky eaters will want to try some of all the recipes, but often, being part of the production crew heightens interest in at least having a small portion. One really nice feature is an area at the end of each recipe for journaling the date it was made and the results.

As a former preschool teacher who enjoyed cooking with children as part of their learning experience, I highly recommend this book for use by preschool staff. Of course, allergies are always a concern for a classroom of children so some adjustments may be needed for the recipes. The author has given some helpful alternatives for common food allergies.

I received this book free from Net Galley for reading and review. I have read the book and plan to use recipes from it. This is my honest review of a book definitely worthy of 5 stars.