Review of Jesus In Me by Anne Graham Lotz

Review Title: Holy Spirit Realized (Review of Jesus In Me by Anne Graham Lotz)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

If you have ever felt a tad bit deprived of knowing what you have felt in your heart you should know about the One who indwells your heart as a Christian believer, this book is for you. It consolidates the teachings about the Holy Spirit found in the Bible. Jesus In Me is an encouragement to souls who have yearned to know more of and to trust wholeheartedly in the unseen person and power of the Holy Spirit.

Anne Graham Lotz opens the door to welcome the reader into her life with transparency. She tells of how she, the daughter of our nation’s top evangelical preacher, did not receive much instruction about the Holy Spirit. This background resonated on a personal level.

Every aspect of the Holy Spirit presented in Jesus In Me is backed up by Scripture. For that reason, this book deserves a place on the reader’s reference shelf. It can be used as an easy to understand reference to help in discussions with those questioning the function of the Holy Spirit.

Anne Graham Lotz, an exceptional communicator of all things concerning Jesus and the Christian faith, may have at times seemed sheltered from the common experiences of everyday Christians. The personal stories Anne shares shows she has gone through a multitude of struggles, trials, and temptations that Christians are given to work through with faith and perseverance based on abiding with Jesus. The Holy Spirit comforts, advocates, and helps as needs arise for those who put their faith in Jesus.

Jesus In Me combines the truth of Scripture with the living out of that truth shown through the personal stories portraying spiritual growth which displays as Christians go through difficulties in the strength of Jesus. Anne is transparent about her failings, convictions, and obedience. At the back of the book, she includes a listing of personal sins that may need to be confessed and repented of. She found the list helpful for her own use, and she shares it in the Appendix for those who might want to utilize it in their private quiet time. It can be rewarding to go through the list three times to be sure all sin is acknowleged and confessed to God. Anne did that and found unexpected renewal and refreshment. The exercise brought cleansing to Anne and she shares the joy known of feeling totally right with God.

For the Christian, Jesus In Me is a delight to read. It will be most appreciated by those seeking a richer and fuller experience of their faith. Salvation or transformation may be the utmost benefit or reward from reading Anne Graham Lotz’s book. Eternal blessings await those who take to heart its contents.

I received an Advance Reader’s Copy of the book as part of being on the launch team. I was asked to read and review the book honestly. I was under no obligation to give a favorable review. I have read and given my honest opinion in this review.