Review of Everyday Blessings Journal (Barbour Publishing)

Review Title: Blessings in Combo Journal and Devo (review of Everyday Blessings Journal from Barbour Publishing)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
*****5 Stars

What a blessing to find a copy of this precious ‘keeper’ book to use for prayer journaling this year. The hardcover from Barbour appears to be out of print, but a newer version in softcover which includes illustrations for coloring is now available. The devotions are not identical yet they are similar. The original version of which this review focuses on is available as an ebook. The reader can use a supplemental journal or notebook with the ebook if desired.

The daily devotions are relevant to what women experience in life, and scripture verses are correlated to the readings. Each daily devotion serves well as a prayer prompt so a woman new to prayer journaling does not feel overwhelmed with what to write about. Reading the devotion first provides focus to begin to write a prayer. Also, the readings often provide the first thing to thank God for: the reading of the day serendipitously addressed an urgent need.

The journal is primarily meant for use as a gratitude journal, but it can certainly be expanded for use as a full prayer journal to record intercessions, confession, and requests for provision. Some may choose to use it to record impressions they receive in their times of listening for the still small voice heard in the ears of the heart.

Whichever version is selected, it will be a joy to use. Whether purchased for personal use or to give as a gift, most people will find this well worth its purchase price. To be able to look back and see a record of blessings received from the loving Father God is a priceless treasure. Highly recommended!