Review of How to Create Your Website: For Writers and Other Clueless Souls by Mateja Klaric

Review Title: Intermediate Guide to Website Creation (Review of How to Create Your Website: For Writers and Other Clueless Souls by Mateja Klaric)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
**** 4 Stars

For those looking to find a guide to help create their own website, this book could be quite helpful. I found it to be a bit more technical than I expected, but that means it will serve a greater number of needs. Those who need less information can easily skip what they don’t need. Those who need more will find it here.

The author has sifted through to find what will work best for writers on a budget. A comparison is given with pros and cons of each recommendation. For those on tight budgets, this book gives info about the practically free ways you can set up a basic website for blogging. It also gives explanations about alternatives to the more costly WordPress business package, and also speaks on the prevalence of hacking on WordPress.

I recommend this book as one resource to be used along with others when seeking to set up a new website. I read the ebook and feel a hard copy would be more helpful to have in hand to work through when engaged with the actual project. Also the reader needs to keep in mind how quickly information changes in this field so some info in this book may not be relevant for long such as the costs quoted.

I was given a free ebook copy by #netgalley to read and give an honest review. This is my honest opinion. I have not used the book for actually setting up a website, but based on my limited knowledge, I found no reason to think this book would lead astray except for the reasonable expectation of fast industry updates.