Review of God Bless the Child by Merilyn Howton Marriott

Review Title: One Is Too Many (Review of God Bless the Child by Merilyn Howton Marriott)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

This book, second in a series about the professional and personal life of a family and child psychologist, Katie Collier, will keep the reader fully engaged from page one to the end of the book. While reading God Bless the Child, the reader’s heart feels the force of a roller coaster ride. At times a momentary punch to the gut results from reading about mistreatment of children by their caregivers. The therapist has a heart of golden love based on her faith in God, and that shines through all the situations in the book.

The stories, although fictional, and the way they are woven together in such a real way, could only have been pieced together by one who knows the business as an expert. Merilyn Howton Marriott is a master at her craft as an issues fiction writer. Her knowledge of the details and grim realities of tragedies that happen to individual children and the actions necessary to improve the life for each child in treatment gives synergy to the message of the book. All children are loveable, precious, and worthy of a nurturing and protective environment in a loving home. The main character therapist in this book acts as a safety net of the last resort for some children.

This book and the previous one in the series, The Children of Main Street, should be essential reading for caregivers and others who work with children to help the workers recognize potential for harm of the young ones over which they have authority. Not all of the stories are about premeditated meanness toward a child. Some children may be treated poorly simply because parents don’t always know how best to handle problems that children face such as bedwetting. This book will help people recognize when an expert’s experience and educational background is needed to get positive results when tackling persistent problems.

I received an ebook advance reader copy to read in order to write an endorsement for this book. I am under no obligation to write a favorable review. I have read the book and given my honest opinion in this review.