Review of The Bridge Between by Lindsey Brackett

Review Title: Love, Forgiveness, and Velcro Hearts (review of The Bridge Between by Lindsey Brackett)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

The Bridge Between, the second in a series set on Edisto Island, SC, by Lindsey Brackett, continues with stories about the parents of the first book’s main characters. The series uses the setting to full advantage in a subplot concerning environmental considerations related to land use. This is one example of the rich layering in the book which makes it fascinating reading.

The main plot revolves around a divorced couple who are still in love, but who are caught up in a tangled dance trying to avoid cupid’s arrows. The romantic emotions have a great range from ephemeral as daybreak to as sticky as pluff mud.

The storyline has surprises along the way because the characters are true to life and don’t conform to the reader’s expectations. The suspense, of the romantic sort, ratchets up to an intense level as the main characters make choices that seem to doom a restoration of a failed marriage. But true love sticks like velcro and does not let go despite numerous obstacles. But can it withstand all the testing?

If anyone has difficulty in the realm of forgiveness, read this book to see how it can be done in masterful ways despite offenses avalanching after building up over decades. Some people who read this book may actually be prompted to reconcile with estranged loved ones.

I highly recommend this book as a stand alone, but even more so, as one read in sequence after Stillwaters. The book has charm, heart, tenacity, family, and enough Southern cooking to win over those who have never had the best.

I received this book for free in exchange for reading it and posting an honest review. I am under no obligation to post a favorable review. I have read the book and given my honest opinion in this review.