Review of Facing Forward: Unpacking the Impact of Sexual Abuse by Connie Cobb

  • Review Title: Relief From Residual Effects of Abuse (review of Facing Forward by Connie Cobb)
    Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
    ***** 5 Stars

Given the statistics on the number of women who have been abused in their lifetimes this book has a vast potential readership. The book addresses sexual abuse in particular, but its healing message is good news for any who have been dwelling in and stuck with thoughts of any form of past abuse. It specifically is meant for women, however anyone who counsels the abused could benefit from the book as well. The author, a lay counselor in a Christian ministry, shares a healing method that has achieved success as she has counseled the abused. Aspects of her method may be applied by those who are not Christian.

Abuse is a difficult subject to discuss in a proper way that helps to pull people up out of the quicksand of despair and other residual effects of abuse. Connie Cobb has been through it herself and has risen up to an abundant life beyond what she could have imagined when she was stuck in the mire. Journey with her through her story, minus any graphic details, and witness the miracle of healing she received and hopes to share with those still stuck. This book will bring hope to many.

Connie’s background of suffering abuse at age twelve and beyond gives her insight as to what others have gone through. She has the compassion and ability to walk beside women who are ready to look back in order to move forward. Some women may need help from a medical doctor to overcome their past abuse, however this book could certainly be of benefit alongside any other forms of help.

The book’s format makes it easy to follow for both reading and working through exercises facilitating healing. A story from the Bible is used to illustrate that abuse has been going on for ages and to show that God sees and knows what has happened. God cares. Some women may have lost a sense of God’s caring and Connie engages the reader in hope of restoring that eternal relationship. A leader’s guide is at the end of the book for those who wish to use it in a group.

I received a nice paperbook copy of the book from the author to use for review purposes. I also purchased an ebook for Kindle. I have been under no obligation to give a good review. I have read the book and given my honest opinion of it. I believe the book will be helpful to many who are suffering silently. This compassionate author wants to help others receive the comfort she found and learn the way to go forward into abundant life free from the abusive past.