Review of Fear Is Louder Than Words by Linda Glaz

Review Title: A Stalker and the Talker (Review of Fear Is Louder Than Words by Linda Glaz)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

This book makes a great summer read (or anytime) with its engaging plot and main characters who work in high profile occupations. A Christian talk show host and a hockey team star meet in an unfortunate incident when she is attacked in a parking lot. They are attracted to each other but have plenty of reason to not want to become attached. The stalker keeps close tabs on his prey. Twists and turns in both the mystery/suspense and the love story give plenty of reason to keep a quick pace on page turning.

Themes and subjects in this novel include forgiveness, transforming faith, ethical practices in striving for designer babies, organ transplants, and the tension of balancing demanding work and giving quality time to loving relationships. These are all relevant topics for people to consider in current culture.

This is my first book to read by Linda Glaz. I look forward to reading more by her. I appreciated learning more about issues covered that I knew little about. Amazing to see how she wove it all together with a satisfying and believable ending.

This review is my honest opinion. I am under no obligation to give a positive review.