Review of Deep Rooted by Kathy Howard

Review Title: Growing in Knowledge and Wisdom (Review of Deep Rooted by Kathy Howard)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

This wonderful devotional and study guide will enhance the reader’s daily engagement with the Lord and His word. As a member of the online Bible study group which Kathy has led for several years, I have witnessed the transformative power of digging into scripture under her guidance.

In this book. Kathy offers daily insights from her life experience to connect with the readings in the Bible. As with a typical devotional format, a Bible verse is highlighted at the start of each day’s reading, and a short prayer ends the reading. In between those two appetizer and dessert features you will find some meaty subject matter, a nourishing filling to build your faith.

What is different about this devotional book? It offers a daily section of questions for reflection and response. The method used is known as Read, Record, Reflect, and Respond. It is a great help in retaining what has been covered each day. You will need a journal or a way to jot notes into your computer based on the questions covered. The act of writing is helpful for reinforcement in learning material. This is a tried and true teaching method. God’s word gets planted in the readers’ hearts and minds. No more shallow roots and withering faith.

Seasoned believers as well as seekers will appreciate Kathy’s personable style of writing and approach to digging into God’s word. It’s truly a priceless experience well worth the cost of the book. I am fortunate to be on the launch team for Deep Rooted. My life has been edified and enriched by Kathy’s wonderful studies. That has motivated me to share a review about this book. I have received no compensation for my review. My spiritual life received a much needed growth spurt through being faithful to study God’s word using Kathy’s process. I can not imagine anyone not liking this Bible study. It would be great to gather a group to work through it together.

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