Review of Komorebi by Gail Box Ingram

Review Title: Poems To Light Your Days (Review of Komorebi by Gail Box Ingram)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

Komorebi: Light Shining Through holds a very personal collection of poetry and writings from an American woman with a heart for the Japanese people and culture.

The majority of the writings in the book are from events before Gail Ingram’s life became entwined with Japan through familial ties.

The poetry is organized by sections on Love, Life, and The Horizon. Her poems influenced by Japan fall under the category of Love. This section has been of particular interest to me because of my love of haiku. Gail Ingram and I became acquainted on social media because of our mutual interest in Japanese poetry form.

Komorebi makes the perfect companion for moments when the reader has short spans of time such as waiting for an appointment or being on hold for a phone call. Although the poems can be read quickly, they leave the reader with much to ponder. I am thankful to have Komorebi close at hand for such occasions and for when I feel the need for a friend to share words of light and wisdom with me.